Warning: major sappy cheese ahead. Click on any picture to see a larger version.
Sonogram at 8 Weeks

Our first glimpse of Peanut, taken at 8 weeks. We were able to see the heart beating, but otherwise you couldn't really tell which end was up. Mommy has been relatively healthy so far, and Daddy was so happy that he could be there to see you smile for your first picture!
Sonogram at 12 Weeks

One month later, a sonogram at 12 weeks. Peanut was very active today, and we got to watch him kick around like a tadpole. She had her arms and legs folded (which is why you can see an elbow and knee in the picture), and would "KICK" all of a sudden every once in a while, and bounce against the wall before floating to a stop again...then...a few seconds later...KICK! Daddy asked the nurse how much it would cost to get one of those sonogram machines to take home so he could watch all the time. Mommy has been having a very hard time - you've been making her very sick for the past few weeks. She's been rehydrated at Kaiser once already, and will be again in a few weeks. We are glad you're doing well, Peanut (they say extended morning sickness can be a sign of a healthy baby, because it elevates a bunch of hormone levels), but we hope that Mommy starts feeling better VERY SOON!
Ultrasound at 18 Weeks

Here you are at 18 weeks! You weren't shy for the camera, either. Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Kathleen were there to see you smile for the Ultrasound technician, and we saw you twist and turn to try and get comfy. Here she caught you looking straight at the camera.

After much moving around, you finally started to get settled, and we took a picture of you trying to go back to sleep. The little darker spot in the middle of your chest is your heart, which was pumping away! settled back into a comfortable position and went to sleep. We took this wonderful picture of your profile, and we can see how beautiful you are! And, now that you're asleep, we can move the camera around to see if we can answer the big question on everyone's mind!

10 fingers...check.
10 toes...check.
1 head...check.
2 arms...check.
Yup! It's a boy!
Level 2 Ultrasound at 19 Weeks

We had to check up on you again just a week later, and Daddy was more than happy to have more pictures of you for the family to share. You don't look much different, but were starting to fill up the womb a bit more, and Mommy says she "popped" the other day, and is definitely showing. We went to L.A. last weekend for your Uncle Julian's wedding to Aunt Michelle, and Mommy got very sick with a 104 fever! They said you were fine, though, and Mommy got better soon enough.

Our little rock star, singing into his imaginary microphone.

Back to sleep. Hope you remember how to do this when you come see us in person!